Prosper on Purpose Book


Prosper on Purpose: Build Your Success on ​a Foundation of Purpose

(This is not an ebook, this is a physical copy of the book that will be mailed to you.)

Success is More than Money, Titles and Material Possessions.   ​Your Prosperity is Found in Your Purpose.

Many people live life without a sense of purpose, and end up feeling hopeless and lost. In this book, you will learn that true success and prosperity must be attached to knowing who you are, what you are here to do and how you help others.

Our success must be in line with our gifts, talents and skills. Knowing what we offer to the world helps us to be passionate about what we do. Our purpose is the vehicle we use to reach our destiny. Our passion is the fuel that keeps us going.

Learn a Six Step Process ​to ​Discover Your Purpose.

In my new book, Prosper on Purpose, I use my expertise and personal journey to teach a step by step method to help you ​discover your identity, unlock your passions and pursue your purpose.​

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  Discover Your Identity

Solve the identity crisis and discover who you really are

  Examine Your Perspective

Evaluate your unique perspective in the world, as well as your limiting beliefs and how they affect your success

  Uncover Your Passions

Discover your passions and understand what motivates you

  Play Your Position

Understand the unique position you have in the world and how important it is

  Tap Into Your Personal Power

Learn how to tap into your personal power and walk in it

  Know Your Purpose

Understand why you are here and what you are meant to do